There are many roads that lead to the same place of peace and joy. You do not have to believe as I do to connect with the universal issues that come to mind regularly, in a process of difficulty and the battle to put one's feet firmly on the Earth while keeping one's mind and heart fixed on the Heavens above and around us.

I express here, trying in a general way, to reach anyone who is interested in growth and self-empowerment. I speak here to anyone who seeks inspiration, purpose, and power, through self-reflection, endeavor to learn more, and putting it into practice. I write to all who seek magic and brilliance in this existence, to light up the darkness that we can all feel engulfed by. It is in darkness that the light shines most brightly, and we can move towards it into a brand new existence.


I grew up on the West Coast of the States with a father from a Christian Quaker background and a mother from the Reform Judaism sector. The two met in the Haight Ashbury of San Francisco in the 60’s. I had the benefit of their open-mindedness of religious and philosophical thought, as well as their becoming social-working counselors. As an adult I have traveled the world, studied at a number of universities, taught Qi Gong classes, guided Spiritist groups, counselled clients in my previous Complimentary Medicine practice, and now am developing my interest in writing. Being grounded temporarily in Australia, with shared care of my lovely, young daughter, I am seeking new ways of being in the world. Because I am not currently in the arena of Complimentary Medicine and I believe that I am meant to inspire others again, I want to start sharing the inspirational thoughts that arise in my mind in some arena, somewhere. I believe the place for that starts here.

I am a Christian Spiritist (not a Spiritualist), more precisely a follower of the great Spirits among us, come to show us the doorway, spoken of by Jesus and others, through science, logic and reason, to the world beyond this life. These elevated Spirits speak of our purpose, their teachings having been compiled and shared with us by Allan Kardec, aided by many mediums around the world in the 1860's, starting with The Spirits Book. If any readers are curious about this, you can look at my entry on “Spiritism” in this blog for an initial summary, or you can research it online.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE AS I DO, nor do you need to look into Allan Kardec's works, in order to connect with the ideas presented here for thought. There are many ways to come at these ideas. I state my spiritual studies here for those who may be curious about my belief system. Even I add my own eclectic mix on top of the Spiritist Doctrine for a more personal experience of life's adventure. I pull inspiration from a vast pool of resources available to us all, including some example sources such as the Bible, Eckhart Tolle, Dan Millman, Carlos Casteneda, Hermann Hesse, Richard Bach, Divaldo Franco, Chico Francisco Xavier, Gary Schwartz, Jerry Peden, Ghandi, Edgar Armond, Buddha, Carl Sagan, Rumi, Shirley Maclaine, Stephen Hawking, Alan Watts, Cyril Scott, Pablo Neruda, interesting people around me, and many more. I am open to hearing about most and I welcome information from the readers.


I love to talk about Spiritism with people, but even more importantly is the concept that we ALL have tales of woe to make sense out of and dreams to achieve. We are ALL presented with many of the same challenges to overcome in life in order to RISE ABOVE and THRIVE. I write here in hopes of inspiring others to reflect on themselves, finding purpose and meaning in their lives, so that we may reach as high as possible on this great journey that we are all on together. Each one of us has greatness inside, and the potential to bring incredible dreams to fruition.

This blog is a place of seeking peace, self-understanding, new ideas, and re-creation of ourselves, learning to love what is, for many of us, a very challenging journey on the way to becoming amazing beings - so please, if you have any negative things to say or a closed stance of debate on how things work in the universe, take your comments elsewhere to exercise them, and may God bless you. If however, you have philosophy to share in love and respect that builds us up, you are welcome here.

All that said, let's move on to the good stuff...


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