Balance is something everyone could use, but most people don’t have. We sometimes experience short periods of it, when most things either are running semi-smoothly, we are in love, we just got a job we wanted, or there is nothing we can do except play building blocks with our child who needs us. At least, if things are rarely in balance we can still feel that it is all just the madness of life and maintain a stable, core feeling.


However, often most of us can get pulled off center, forgetting such things as:
– Other people have their own agendas or schedules
– The car and both computers can and likely WILL all break down at the same time (lol)
– Scheduling an hour with ourselves, a child, or a lover to go walk outdoors and reflect on life, maybe just breathe for a few minutes and take stock of what we love


Sometimes listening to a thought shared as we hold a loved one’s hand in the sunlight, or hearing our child’s laughter, or just feeling our own feet in the sand is enough to regenerate and face that crazy merry-go-round that we call life.


Feeling off-balance? Try some of these things. Do something you love for just a bit. For me, today, it was writing this post.


If you think you don’t have time, that is a load of hooey. Life out of balance is hardly worth living, so make time for a breath of balance. Schedule it if you aren’t able to remember to do it. Seriously.


We all have deadlines and schedules, but you and the whole world can only benefit from your being in balance.


So whip out that tablet and write to incite, or roll into the gym for half an hour, or grab your partner, take a spin around the room, and kiss her madly (you know you forget to, lol).


We can’t be in balance all the time, but we can trick ourselves into feeling that way if we consciously intend it by putting something beautiful into the schedule.


Music link: The Animal Song – Savage Garden


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