What is it to be “Pure of Heart?

This entry is all "Christian Spiritist" regarding the unguarded service of the heart for God towards others in comparison to Man's expected rituals for outward show. My Atheist friends may choose to skip this entry for its unbridled spiritual assertions… Or, continue reading along with a love for the writing of Yours Truly, lol.

I am guiding a study group of Spiritists this weekend for the

Forgiveness of Others

We all have someone or some people to forgive for something. You maybe have a parent to forgive or a co-worker, or a spouse, or the pizza delivery guy. One way or another, we don't get through this life without being offended or hurt by someone and are left with a festering pain that needs to be let go of. We are here on the planet to learn this lesson, which


Balance is something everyone could use, but most people don't have. We sometimes experience short periods of it, when most things either are running semi-smoothly, we are in love, we just got a job we wanted, or there is nothing we can do except play building blocks with our child who needs us. At least, if things are rarely in balance we can still feel that it is all just the madness of life and

Seeking Safe Haven from Dangerous BS

Recently, during a time of trying to come to terms with my own little nightmare as an American “trapped” in Australia, I have come across, not one, not two or three, but four Iranian asylum seekers and their families, all "boat people." Interestingly, I met three of them through my very tiny church.

It is a church made up of what I, as an American, would compare to salt-of-the-Earth

Friends for Life, Literally

Many of you who don't believe in the spiritual world, much less in guardian angels can maybe put this concept down to positive energy, visualization and good energy attracting like energy. Or, you can label us believers as slightly loose in the head (laughing) and blow on past this blog entry.

I woke up recently one morning so grateful for guardian angels (also called spirit guides in the Spiritist Doctrine),

Blog 10/13/16

Non-believers and Me

I wanted to write again about Spiritism since it is a subject very dear to me. Previously I wrote that love was the main message, and, it is the simple beauty of EVERYTHING. The science is what brings the message of spiritual evolution and the doctrine is here for us when we are ready to examine it.

Often what brings us to readiness is pain, hope and the inkling of an idea that there must


My Difficult Learning Curve

Recently I had to deal with this topic coming at me in my own life (again). And hey, maybe one hasn’t lived until a guy has lied, cheated, and terrorized his way towards trapping one in a foreign land and taking control of one’s child. Or, maybe life couldn’t be appreciated for the beautiful journey it is without having an irrationally angry roommate bust in on one through the locked bathroom


Angels Fall to the Ground

The soul who feels, shrinks daily, as the fist of painful grief squeezes its heart tightly, slowly cutting off its life source. Grief grabs a handful of feathers from its angel victim, each feather that falls to the ground a story of violent change, or lonely nothingness, or love departed, or daily struggle to find strength. For many wonderful human angels right next to each of us, every day


***Spoiler Alert!!!***

Tomorrowland the movie 2015 - Main point spoiler and some teensy weensy affiliate links

Feeding the Wrong Wolf

In a fast world of laziness and doomsday predictions abounding, it is easy to give up and resign ourselves to an “inevitable” outcome of chaotic global destruction. We maybe even romanticize the end with poetic stories in books, movies, and video games (as the character David Hicks points out in the movie, Tomorrowland). We imagine this


To Every Thing There is a Season

No matter what anyone thinks in the moment, somehow things do always work out. It may not be the way we think it should be or the way that we want it to be right away. However, overall, things get sorted out as we go along. Once a person can step back and have a look at the larger picture, this important concept can be seen more

What is Conscious Living and Why Should We Want to Do It?

This is a rather long entry as I feel it is a very important and constructive subject for us all.

Continuing on from Part 1 of this topic, living life consciously isn’t only about living in the present moment. It isn’t only about keeping a higher purpose in mind when we practice living with awareness. Personally, I have an “awareMess” (chuckling) of my own


***Spoiler Alert!!!***
Game of Thrones, S5, E9 -  if you don't want to know - don't read!
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(artwork credit - Kerim Bogarts)

 Our Dragon Dreams

I am guessing other women feel the same way I do regarding our often times buried confidence and strength - I SOOOOO much want to be the Mother of Dragons. (Laughing). I am not ashamed to admit I have watched the scene where the dragon,


Needed Reminders

I don't know about all of you, but if you are anything like me, and most of the people I know, we need to be reminded constantly of the higher purpose of life and loving. We need to remember that we are all connected, that we are not alone, and that somehow, "This too shall pass."

It is one thing for me to be inspired to write encouraging thoughts about living consciously,


Life Beyond Stagnation or Pain

If you're safe and secure in your life, you have a place to live, food, and enough income to pay for these necessaries, then you have a duty to better yourself and the world. If you are not doing something to improve, you likely are feeling miserable or stagnant. This is not a state we are meant to stay in. You CAN feel better by pushing yourself out of your


Taking Negative Stock

Today is one of those crappy days.

It is one of those days when everything seems to be going badly (wry smile). I miss my daughter acutely. The Ex blocks me from having a normal connection with her by phone or Skype, outside of the minimum specific day that he is ordered to by court, during his very long stretches with her. In the meantime, I fill my life with new ideas,

Free will - both our downfall and our tool for ascent

Everyone is on their own journey, and each of us is ultimately destined to reach blissful heights of love and communion with others, and to some unknown extent, with the Creator of all that is. We have what we need to evolve. Regardless of whether you believe in God, the choices we make are ours and are the key to growth or stagnation. We have



This entry was spurred into life by Continuum, Season 3, Episode 11 (for anyone who hasn’t seen it and intends to).

Inspiration for Peace in the Fray

I just saw the most fantastic, fight-stopping scene in a TV series. It was from Continuum, Season 3, episode 11. Everyone has guns pointed at everyone else's heads - time travelers, all come together in a construction building, each one of them believing that they have the answer


The Uninspired Life

Many of us wallow in darkness as a regular state of being. Some trauma takes us down and we stay there, running the same tapes over and over. Maybe we make uninspired choices that lead to an uninspired life that seems to have no doors open for anything better to happen. Maybe we accept the things that fall into our lap without questioning them and build a life around them. Maybe we


A Brief Summary
Christian Spiritism tells of the common thread of love and truth that runs through all belief systems and all people, even those without belief. About 160 years ago, impossible physical phenomena began happening around the world that brought people together into groups. These people gathered to see tables rise without human assistance, observe planchettes communicate by moving, and hear loud noises without apparent cause, all to get our attention.

Then these phenomena began


In the Dark, Alone again

Lying in a dark room, pining away for that lost love. It happens to almost anyone who is born and manages to grow into adulthood. That sinking pit of darkness that settles into the core of you feels like it is there to stay and life will never be good anymore.

Maybe you feel worthless or defective. Maybe you are wondering what you did wrong. Maybe you are kicking yourself for


Putting it Back on Ourselves

Taking responsibility for our challenges, rather than wasting time and opportunities to grow by blaming outside sources, sounds good spiritually and emotionally, but is a concept very difficult for most of us to live. Recently I was listening to my housemate who is going through an incredibly stressful divorce and custody case with a lot of aspects similar to the one I have been passing through, as many do unfortunately.


Aloneness is an Illusion

A good friend of mine was telling me about his general feeling in life today and told me that he feels alone. He has a wife and child and he is struggling to make any business go that will work, partly because others involved all have different opinions. He's a bit down. Then he said that it was good to be alone actually because we come into this world alone and