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This entry was spurred into life by Continuum, Season 3, Episode 11 (for anyone who hasn’t seen it and intends to).


Inspiration for Peace in the Fray

I just saw the most fantastic, fight-stopping scene in a TV series. It was from Continuum, Season 3, episode 11. Everyone has guns pointed at everyone else’s heads – time travelers, all come together in a construction building, each one of them believing that they have the answer and are fighting for the best cause. Our heroine, Kiera Cameron, a police officer from the year 2077, staves off her imminent murder by grabbing one who was once thought a bad gal, Sonya, with a gun from the future pointed at Sonya’s head. She tries to open the eyes of all the others present, and get them to stop their fight by looking at how pointless their actions are in trying to affect the future.

Over the course of the series, we get the stories that show the colored nature of each person involved, each one’s good and bad sides, the “gray” of everyone. Cameron and another time traveler, from a different future time than hers, Brad Tonkin, manage to convey enough evidence, to all would-be killers in the room, to get them to see that anything they do doesn’t matter because of the different timelines that had occurred. They demonstrate that they are all pawns in someone else’s game with no way to know how or when to stop (him or her).

They all react differently to the news, but ultimately, each one drops their guns and leaves the scene instead of following through with what would have been another typical time traveler shootout and face-bash. This leaves the two in the room, Cameron and Tonkin, previously enemies, but now as comrades in helping to uncover the truth for the rest of the time traveling factions (there were a couple who leave, apparently still with the mission to take down the heroine at a better time, issuing a threat that what is meant to happen will).


No Perfect System


What struck me was the peaceful nature of the moment in which they all walked away, no one hurt, in that moment (except for our heroine having taken “minor” damage). I watched this scene maybe 5 times over and over. After two years of beating each other senseless and surviving over and over again – friends becoming enemies, frenemies, and allies and back to being enemies again, they all left. “Nothing left to fight for. No winners. No perfect system.”

What a theme twist! This show has become amazing to watch. It is rife with questioning of people’s motives and of the truths behind anyone with a mission.

The thing I’m thinking is, what if, in terms of war and politics, or any battle for that matter in which we are not really fighting for ourselves, we could realize that we are pawns in someone else’s fight for power or greed and just stop? What if we walked away to look at what is really important for our own growth and evolution? Waiting and seeking out our own true paths might lead us to becoming part of a true greater good. Wouldn’t we then have won a real victory for ourselves and for the well being of everyone, everywhere in the great tapestry of life? I’m thinking – yes.


How to Find the Good Fight


Consider stopping what you think you are fighting for and see if it stands up to a litmus test. Are other people and their ideas involved? Do they match your true desires, really? If you feel some doubt deep inside yourself, consider what it would be like to throw down your weapon, whatever it may be. Consider the alternatives and seek the answers in your gut, in your heart. If you open yourself to this, you will create space for a path that flows, one that is worthy.

You might find that it is better to become part of the upward movement of social consciousness by working in an organization to help the homeless or children rather than go to war for oil, weapons sales, or politics. You might find it better to create new programs of enlightened social laws that support true justice in the legal system rather than work as a businessman amassing more wealth for yourself than necessary. You might decide to become a teacher for disadvantaged people rather than stay in the bookkeeping business because it pays the bills. Maybe you might become a bookkeeper for a socially conscious organization. Whatever your inspired cause might become, find it by following your worthy dreams and become an example for others to do the same. The Universe will support your path if you put enough determination into it.

The world, in all its confusion and pain, could only benefit and grow from this kind of reflection and change. Haven’t we done enough fighting for all the wrong reasons?

Maybe we can find a way to truly find and fight the good fight.

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