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Friends for Life, Literally


Many of you who don’t believe in the spiritual world, much less in guardian angels can maybe put this concept down to positive energy, visualization and good energy attracting like energy. Or, you can label us believers as slightly loose in the head (laughing) and blow on past this blog entry.


I woke up recently one morning so grateful for guardian angels (also called spirit guides in the Spiritist Doctrine), and mine in particular, that it gave me the idea to write an entry about them. You may not be any kind of believer, but I am. Regardless of your belief, my scientific forays into the evidence have convinced me that they exist and they believe in us.


My guardian angel is unfortunately much neglected by me and deserves so much more attention for all his efforts (I think he is a male, but I’ll not know for sure until I pass through the veil to the spiritual world, lol). Mine, hmmn… let’s call him… (Whips out a Google search for “Spinning Wheel Decide,” and receives the name)… um, let’s call him, “Jacob” (laughing). I always wanted a name for him.


Jacob has been with me my whole life. I am Jacob’s homework project, (laughing), and I doubt very much that I am helping him get the best grade.


Ups and Downs


This past week was a hard week compared to the day I decided on this as a subject – Daughter had a big sleepover event at school on her father’s time with her and my requests to call her to see how it went were unreasonably denied as usual.


However, on the day I woke up thinking of my spirit guide, now named Jacob (still smiling), I was feeling good and positive despite dire survival needs. This was like the way I used to feel, before marriage to a highly inappropriate partner – that no matter what, God has got a handle on this whole thing and I just need to keep doing the best I can with a positive outlook and trust that everything happens for a reason…


Jacob’s got my back. More than any incarnate human possibly could. He isn’t necessarily going to save me from my big, scary troubles. However, he is with me always, and he’s going to help me accept what comes and learn from it, especially when I call on him. And, when it is permitted karmically, he will guide me into the direction of success in my earthly ventures…


Today may seem bleak on that front, but I only need to practice patience, continue putting in the effort, and Jacob will be there, filling my heart with the highest kind of friendship. Maybe he’ll whisper in my ear a good direction for the day that may lead to a need being fulfilled tomorrow, a solution that I just can’t see today.


So after I failed the spiritual and moral trials for one day last week, by having a texting skirmish with the Ex, who revels in his ability to inflict pain on me through his control of Daughter, I sank into another temporary sadness. I went to eat lots of unhealthy food and see Doctor Strange (fantastic, spiritually-oriented, superhero movie by the way).


Next day I was still feeling down and as I went for a bike ride, I begged my guardian angel to help me. I asked if he could give me strength to deal with the current terms of my interment in this particularly difficult, karmically imposed life. Then, by the time I finished my bike ride I was already feeling better. That is often how it works. It’s a pretty neat system, in my opinion. Though I often wish I could have a hug too, but I guess I have to wait for that part, lol.


Someone For Everyone


Now, sometimes the angels are our incarnate friends in whom we confide our sorrows. In that moment, it seems that it is kind, human consideration that saves us in our difficult times or spurs us on to greater heights in our earthly efforts to become amazing. I did receive some helpful reminders from a close friend regarding my situation and my funk.  However, even then, I believe it is the good spirits who are behind the inspiration, whispering into the ears of the free-will players in this great spectacle that we are all living.


Those of you non-believers can maybe see how moving to do things feeds motivation in a positive cycle and creates good feelings of satisfaction that feeds you in times of difficulty. But what happens when you fall? When you are so weighed down that you can’t breathe or move? What is it that you think is saving you then, bringing you back from the brink?


I have been blessed with having already done the research on the spiritual world and coming to an understanding of everything that makes sense to me. I believe that there is a guardian angel “assigned” to each human being on the planet during the course of its incarnate lifetime. Honestly, what a saving grace and blessing is that?!?


Each spirit guide is there to help us learn, be our companion during difficult challenges, and is so much more advanced than we are in spiritual evolution that that friendship is the most pure and trustworthy one that we can have during our lifetime. All we need do is think of our spirit friend and he or she is there with us, smiling as a loving parent or our favorite teacher, whispering her counsel into our hearts and minds. These spirit friends are God’s gift to us to help us accomplish our karmic trials in the body.


Jacob is patient and has saved my rear end more times than I am aware. I am thinking of this as mental and emotional salvation because I have gotten into plenty of trouble not paying attention to his advice and making bad choices.


Guardian angels rejoice the more we listen to them and follow the good path towards God. They are delighted as we become more at peace inside ourselves and make decisions to love, doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. The more we pay attention to our spirit guides and develop a conscious relationship with them (asking for support, learning, and new perspective), the stronger we will be. The more we choose to heed their wise counsel the better we are able to make good choices that will begin to lessen the painful challenges that we must endure to grow.


Today in church, was another example of my checking in with Jacob. I was a bit disappointed with a couple aspects of how our temporary minister was presenting her show today, making assumptions and putting some new friends on the spot. Also with the length of her words and expressions, I was easily distracted.


I decided to spend my time asking Jacob for balance and insight on some old situations and new ones in life now. Within a short time I was hearing the message for today coming through the minister as she picked up the verve and I got my brain in shape to hear her.


The message was “forgiveness.” Again.


Over and over again, Jacob and others have been telling me that the only way for me to progress forward is through forgiveness, especially the type I can’t do well at all – forgiveness of ongoing injustice. For other people it may be something else. Each one of you could truly benefit from listening to your guardian angels and find out which is your current roadblock to progress. It might be confidence in yourself, it might be recovery from trauma, it might be too much pride, or any number of other things that will block you. They will prevent your forward movement until you look at them and remember that God loves you and wants you to become free.


I have all this spiritual knowledge and know what I am supposed to do (forgive), but I continue to fail at this one. Jacob was asking me to take what the minister was saying and bring it down to my personal situation. I translated it from major disasters (fire, floods, and wars) to my location, survival, and family situations. Again and again, I am told that I need to forgive and that is my roadblock to total faith and trust in God.


I imagined what I could do to start practicing again, though it is massively difficult. I imagined I could make a little “shrine” for Daughter and me, put more effort into rebuilding what is left of us, and place a little symbol, saying Father Forgive, as at Dresden (mentioned in church). And BANG, I connected with the power of today, with God’s power of the present moment.


Thank you God, thank you Jacob. Jacob you are welcome to breakfast, lunch, and dinner as often as you like and for all the rest of my little and great moments in life.


I encourage any of you to remember the spiritual guides supporting us. And for those of you who are not quite there, but contemplating the possibility of the truth of this, test your guardian angel out. Notice the difference. Life is hard without the help of guardian angels, but much easier with the loving guidance or our spiritual friends. Thank you God for your gift of love and companionship.



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