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Needed Reminders



I don’t know about all of you, but if you are anything like me, and most of the people I know, we need to be reminded constantly of the higher purpose of life and loving. We need to remember that we are all connected, that we are not alone, and that somehow, “This too shall pass.”


It is one thing for me to be inspired to write encouraging thoughts about living consciously, loving all others as best we can, always improving ourselves, and the world. It is an entirely different thing to take my own advice and remember to stretch myself in life beyond my regular limits.


I need constant reminders. Some days, in a world full of more complication than I ever thought possible, I need reminders every FIVE minutes. Those prompts come in many different ways, often in a sentence someone blurts out about living on the planet. Sometimes this happens in a book I read or a fantastic movie. Sometimes this occurs when I directly expect it, attending a spiritual group.


The promptings come, pulling me back up to an understanding that I already had about myself, about how things work, or that renew my hope. The mental notes that come remind me of how we are all connected, taking turns reminding each other that the goal is improvement and love.




Life is amazingly challenging, and often so painful that it is very easy to FORGET what we already know about ourselves. This makes it quite difficult to go deeper into our self-discovery or the revelation of our connections in the world. It is so important and helpful to acknowledge this tendency to forget. When we do that, we can go easy on ourselves. We can see that this forgetfulness is a common problem, and forge ahead with an intention to just keep at it.


We can stay conscious about everything as often as possible and try not to put ourselves down when we act like sleeping dummy heads, neglecting ourselves, others, or snoozing our way through life, missing the present moment beauty. We can pick ourselves up, breathe, and remember that it is always a process. We are loved, no matter the speed of our transformation. We are supported in our conscious intention to better ourselves, and the world.


Starting Small


In a state of awareness, for the moment that we make it happen, we can be kinder, be creative, and we can find solutions, or acceptance, or forgiveness, even if it is just for five minutes. Those five minutes are your hard won victory in one of the many battles to elevate yourself. They will pay off and they WILL multiply. You will fall again and again, but just get up. Instead of berating yourself, give thanks, and pat yourself on the back for the five minutes of beauty you did make.


That positive state practiced is the stuff of magic. A light will grow from it as you become more aware and inspired to reach for the happiness that we are all destined for.



Start small, and try looking for the reminders in the world – from a moral in a story, to someone’s good example in your day. Notice the way the wind blows leaves in a certain manner to the way you held back a criticism of someone, and smiled at him instead. Listen for the lessons spoken in advice from others or revealing themselves in what you see around you. Stay open to the promptings and more will come. Forgive yourself when you go Dark Side. Keep climbing the mountain to the sky, happy with your progress, and know that you will get to the top eventually. It is our destiny, and we can all help each other remember by loving and acting consciously in as many instances as we can.


(Hang tight for “Living Life Consciously part 2”, for advanced steps of conscious thoughts and actions, leading to promotion from the role of supporting actor in your own life to the role of director instead – taking charge of choice. Coming soon!)


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