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Life Beyond Stagnation or Pain


If you’re safe and secure in your life, you have a place to live, food, and enough income to pay for these necessaries, then you have a duty to better yourself and the world. If you are not doing something to improve, you likely are feeling miserable or stagnant. This is not a state we are meant to stay in. You CAN feel better by pushing yourself out of your bubble of stagnation or pain. Life is HARD, but you don’t have to suffer your miseries ALL of the time.


If you are in danger of losing your basic necessities, of course, you need to handle that, but STILL, you don’t have to suffer constantly. You can still do something for your improvement and that of others. You CAN spend a few minutes reading or reflecting on how you act in the world and how you could do it better. You CAN share kind words with people who cross your path, be helpful and share love with others in surprising ways. No one expects this and you will make a difference in someone’s world.

You don’t have to wait to be able to do big things for others. The smallest kindness can be a major moment in someone else’s life. You don’t have to wait for a big break to begin making your dreams come true. Amazing constructions are built brick by brick. Breathe this concept in and you can change your own life, breath by breath. You will feel the magic if you live in faith, realize that you are supported in manifesting your dreams, and love your neighbors as you should also love yourself.


Brothers and Sisters in Improvement

I, myself, am in grave financial danger, alone in a foreign land, and personal danger as a mother, via the Ex. Yet still I say, to all friends and any who may consider themselves my enemies – we are brothers and sisters on a great journey to become amazing together. We can help one another become as wonderful as possible, support one another in becoming bright in our strengths and learn new ways of being beautiful.


Life’s challenges are as an illness that we must cure by living and loving. In the cure, we will surpass “good enough” to the beauty of “job well done.” Improvement is a natural progression and there is no reason why any single person or any single thing in the universe should be excluded from that progression. More than that, there is no reason you can’t push for greatness inside yourself and inside others.


Change Your Perspective


You may be lacking resources or tied to bitter unhappy circumstances, but try changing your perspective. I have been forced to consider life from a completely different viewpoint than I had previously imagined I would need to. I see how things can look bleak for all of us at some point, leaving us feeling worthless or impotent, but I also see that each one of us is worthy.


You have value, and the path is wide open for you to use it, feel it, grow it. Spend a few minutes or more a day telling yourself this. Grab a book with new concepts, write a journal, put some paint on a canvass, try some new exercise or a dance class, volunteer somewhere, learn how to play a musical instrument, go skydiving, or go out and see who needs your help. We all need each other to make the effort for one another. Maybe you can start taking steps to realize a dream you have shelved. Make the effort to create it, bring it to fruition and share your light with the world.


Life will shift as you make the effort. All is in God’s hands, but he gave us free will to choose between love or darkness. The improvement waits in the light. Free will used for improvement is to reach for love and self-betterment. It is there. You have just as much right to it, and are loved just as much, as every other soul in the universe.


Even if you don’t believe in God, hopefully you understand that life is made up of energy. When you change yours for the better you will draw positive energy to yourself. That light will begin to create opportunities for you that you never imagined could be possible. Change your world, and the miseries will begin to melt away, challenges will have solutions, and you will live the inspired path before you know it. Improvement will come with each determined step you take and it will gain momentum. Believe it and you can make it so.


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