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Non-believers and Me


I wanted to write again about Spiritism since it is a subject very dear to me. Previously I wrote that love was the main message, and, it is the simple beauty of EVERYTHING. The science is what brings the message of spiritual evolution and the doctrine is here for us when we are ready to examine it.


Often what brings us to readiness is pain, hope and the inkling of an idea that there must be something more to this life than the material – living briefly with all the struggles, spiced up with a few joys, and dying, only to pass away into nothingness and be forgotten.


If you are a non-believer of any kind and you have a happy, content life (despite believing that you disappear into oblivion at the end of it) then congratulations. That is not an easy feat. Many non-believers fail and fall into depression, wasting the beautiful possibilities in this wonderfully complex life.


I love most all people and their unique understandings of the universe and its mechanisms. However, personally, from my journey through the scientific research available, I don’t believe that annihilation of our individuality and black nothingness is the way of things.


My belief in our ongoing existence beyond the death of our bodies (based in logic and science), and the imperative to evolve through loving others, is my creed.



I believe my life is richer for listening to that little voice that is within each of us burning to be heard. If we look within, that voice can save us from the misery of imagining there is only annihilation of who we are at the end of life. That voice is a voice of truth that will eventually be made clear to every individual here on the planet.


In the meantime, those who don’t have understanding or faith will just have to live their lives a little heavier and a little rougher than those of us who know that all things eventually pass for the better, for EVERYONE.


The Science (Attention Grabbers)


To write this entry I re-read the explanatory notes of the Spirits Book. At the start of the book, a summary is given of the doctrine presented for us, finally after thousands of years of struggle in human history, learning to stand and walk through the mental, spiritual, and emotional realms.


Many aspects of Spiritism have come to light in various philosophies and religions over time, but the Spiritist Doctrine is special in that it advents the time for all Humanity to be presented with certain truths at the same time in history. Its significance is that we have all collectively reached a stage of evolution in which we are ready for the global gift of higher knowledge.


We are not alone, our individuality is eternal, we are loved and we will love. No getting away from it.


Spirits exist. The higher, more learned ones proclaim that we live life again and again, to grow and learn about real love. They speak to us directly and though all of us can “hear” them to varying degrees, some people with more developed ability to “listen” to them are known as mediums.


The existence of spirits has been shown in a variety of ways, SOME (and certainly not all) being:


 – By mediums of little knowledge having communicated things, in response to scientific questions put forth, that they could not possibly know themselves, or retain in their own memories for recitation


 – Through the use of a planchette with a pen and a number of people holding the edge, writing responses to questions


 – By very young children with very detailed images of memories or dreams of other lives lived in history


 – Via mediums being scientifically examined and tested for percentage of correct answers to questions, in seclusion, and for answers that they couldn’t possibly know without spiritual assistance


 – With other examples of spirit manifestations along with the one I gave in the first entry on Spiritism, concerning the long-going materializations of Katie King for a group of scientific men


The higher spirits can be distinguished from the lesser ones (ones more like your average human) by their elevated and self-disinterested communication.


Spirits are drawn by like energy. In between lifetimes we ARE spirits, with all the same varied levels of development as spirits incarnated in human bodies.


If you are thinking small and are just curious or joking around you will draw the spirits that want to play with your gullibility or the blind spots created by your own pride.


If you are of serious intent, wanting to learn or ask for the assistance of God or higher beings then you will be gifted with the presence of higher spirits who will deem you worthy of learning and support.


The Lovingly Shortened Message


The Spirits tell us that the spiritual world is our normal, eternal world and survives the physical world. 


There is a link between our eternal spirit and our temporary incarnate bodies called the perispirit, or spiritual body.


Spirits only reincarnate into human beings not back into animals.


Spirits do not reincarnate to lower levels of progress, but can slow to a crawl depending on lack of individual efforts.


The more caught up a spirit is in the things of the physical realm the longer it will take to progress to more peaceful, happier spheres.


Both Incarnate and discarnate spirits live on different worlds all across the universe.


Each individual spirit will meet those it knew on Earth, and will recall its own good and bad actions from the past.


Discarnate spirits constitute an invisible, but active society always interacting with our own incarnate world.


These discarnate spirits constitute a power of nature able to act equally on matter and thought, causing many previously inexplicable phenomena.


Spirits interrelate with human beings, inspiring them and sustaining them through challenges, while less advanced spirits feed off our vices and depressing thoughts, influencing us to be like them.


Spirits may generally be evoked by thought and if permitted, may share thoughts or insights. 


The high spirits practice Christ’s exhortation to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”


They teach us that pride, selfishness, and exaggerated sensuality or attachment to things of the physical world, keep us distracted in our animal nature.


Conversely, those who detach from the things of the world and find joy in serving others become more spiritual.


The powerful have an obligation to protect the weak and will suffer for any abuses of this power that harms others.


We all create our own heaven or hell to experience in the spirit world because everything about each one of us is exposed there and we must live with all the other people whom we have helped or harmed.


No matter how heinous a person’s actions, there are no unpardonable faults and all spirits will eventually find progressive redemption through reincarnation, with the pace of advancement according to individual desire and determination.


How beautiful is that? We are all loved, we all have the possibility to reflect on our messes and clean them up. We all have as much time as we need to do this, but can attain a contented peace more quickly according to how hard and fast we work for it. Coming to this understanding through gradual reasoning in my own brain has brought me so much strength and more ability to handle the junk that life deals out to each of us at some point.


I am sure that anyone who makes a serious study of the resources available, both within the Spiritist Doctrine and outside of it from other sources, will have their questions answered to their brain’s satisfaction for logic and reason. The end result can be a happier, more hopeful, and trusting belief in life – it’s experiences are ultimately meant for us to learn how to love others more passionately with determination to perfect our ability to do so.


Our happiness in life is ultimately and directly related to our ability to truly love one another, to do GOOD for the world. May we never rest in “peace,” but forever toil in love. (Laughing). Amen.


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