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Christian Spiritism tells of the common thread of love and truth that runs through all belief systems and all people, even those without belief. About 160 years ago, impossible physical phenomena began happening around the world that brought people together into groups. These people gathered to see tables rise without human assistance, observe planchettes communicate by moving, and hear loud noises without apparent cause, all to get our attention.


Then these phenomena began to take intelligent form with letters, making numbered rap sounds and whatnot in response to questions. These were questions that mediums around the world began receiving answers to at the same time. Many of the answers could not possibly have been known by the mediums themselves… There were good messages and false or negative messages…


Soirees were formed, using mediums to communicate with the dead for entertainment. People were enthralled, yet were ignorant to the true beauty and significance of these messages from the Spiritual World. A man, named Allan Kardec, a very well educated and scientific man with a kind heart, went to a party to observe these phenomena. There at the party, two young girls, mediums, were being used by playful spirits to entertain the guests. When he arrived, the two girls, maybe 10 years old or so, started speaking directly to him. They spoke in an elevated language about things that they could not possibly have known. They also stated that they had been waiting for him and that he had much work to do together with them.


Over the course of a few years, he sat with them regularly, asking many questions and receiving many answers of the highest order. These Spirits that spoke to him essentially said that it was time for the world to learn more about the spiritual nature of our existence and our purpose here. They did this through mediums all over the world at the same time with the same message, so that he could compare and verify what they were communicating. He was also able to weed out the false and negative messages. He compiled all the positive and logical messages together into a book called The Spirits Book. He also compiled several other books, with information all given by these higher spirits that were speaking out to help the planet in its evolution.


The main message is LOVE, non-judgmental, unconditional love, and that we are all here to learn it through and through. Their message says that we have eternity to figure it out. They say that we will evolve, according to our will and desire to do so, to happier states of being and understanding… This is all based in a study of logic and reason for the human brain to come to a complete faith, brought about scientifically. This challenges the unstable faith brought about based on hopes with no scientific proof. People saying that one should trust, just because a book or person tells us to, leads to a wavering faith. The study of Christian Spiritism can lead to an unshakeable faith, based in logic and reason.


Existence of the Spiritual World


There is one example that I will mention, that is available for anyone to research if they care to. It is that of Katie King. She was a spirit that manifested herself physically, with the help a medium, regularly for a couple of years. She did this as a mission to bring about knowledge to the world, in front of a group of scientific men, not Spiritists, to question her and do experiments on her. She would manifest out of thin air, sometimes completely and sometimes partially, arms and head only, for example. She would let them touch her, feel her pulse, or let them pass their hands through her. She would answer all their questions about the Spiritual World and her particular existence. At the end of each session she would de-materialize in front of the entire group. This is just one example.


The point here is that it was evidence that there is more going on than we can possibly imagine, and there is enough of it (if sought) for us to study. If we seek out the evidence and study it, we can come to an unshakable faith. We CAN discover that there IS a creator, we HAVE a purpose, and there is a pathway to becoming all that we possibly can in love, truth, and beauty. There is a lot more evidence (smoke) around the possibility of the existence of the Spiritual World (fire) than there is evidence to disprove it, which is telling in and of itself. Where there is smoke there is often fire.

There is so much proof, for the logical mind out there, in works that others have made, extensive works. Besides the Katie King example is a book that one might check out named, The Afterlife Experiments by Gary Schwartz, PhD. There are too many works from many sources that all point to the possibility that something is going on unseen, for it not to be true, and it is grand. When life nudges you, through loss or depressing stagnation, to become interested in seeking MORE meaning and true beauty, information is out there.

The pathway is built on logic and reason, and not in meaningless guessing. We are not expected to believe “just because” – we are given the gift of free will and the knowledge is there for us to discover the truths of life if we decide to learn them.


Effort to Attain Peace


The higher Spirits want to help us now, as it is time for us to make a leap upwards. They love us and want to help us realize who we truly are. We can attain higher states of peace, examining ourselves and learning to let go of anger, frustration, and ill will that all poison our souls, keeping us in painful darkness. We are light and love, and we will eventually wake up to this. We will come to want it more and more. We are blessed in that we have eternity to do this. However, our peace is proportional to the amount of effort we put in to attain it. We are all destined for love, and we are more than what we think we are. God loves us ALL equally and patiently waits for those of us who don’t realize it yet.


The information is out there, when one is ready to seek it….


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