Stagnation - Jay Ruzesky

The Uninspired Life


Many of us wallow in darkness as a regular state of being. Some trauma takes us down and we stay there, running the same tapes over and over. Maybe we make uninspired choices that lead to an uninspired life that seems to have no doors open for anything better to happen. Maybe we accept the things that fall into our lap without questioning them and build a life around them. Maybe we start off our young adulthood with high hopes and dreams, and then the challenges come. We didn’t believe they would. We thought we were different, and that they wouldn’t happen to us or that we could handle them if they did. Then the challenges arrived. Maybe we began putting out fires, and we busied ourselves becoming firemen, not seeing that dirt was being kicked onto our dreams as well as the fires. We allow painful circumstances, maybe the loss of a loved one or a job or maybe conflict with family or business partners, to stop us from feeling the flow of life all around us. We stop creating new ideas in our heads feeling blocked by seeing doors closed rather than making new ones to open. 


The Road More Travelled


In many ways, stagnation is an easy state to live in. We complain about it – how our suffering stops us from doing this or that thing which would help us improve or feel better about our lives. Of course grieving time is important and firefighting is necessary, but for growth to continue on, it is necessary to realize that period also has to end and oftentimes steps must be taken to change that state. Effort has to be exercised. It is part of the natural laws of life. The miserable darkness and pain of being stuck may seem insurmountable, and seem like it isn’t easy. However, it is actually easier to stay there, to keep living that way, than to make moves that would shift us into the success that is possible in our lives emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and materially.


Ultimately, if the effort is made it will take on a momentum that begins to feel easier than the previous stagnation that we lived within. If you are trudging your way through your days with no inspiration, try doing things a little differently. Walk an alternate route home and make a decision that you are going to keep your eyes open for a new experience, or some new thought to come to you. Pick up a book along your way on something completely new. Check out the community notice board in the café where you may be having a cup of coffee and see that there is an event that you might go to, something you maybe used to do, but forgot to keep doing. If you are sitting on the couch watching TV, try turning it off, and go stand in a different part of the house just to see what it feels like. Put pen to paper, doesn’t matter what about, just see what comes up.

Start small and make an intention to welcome change into your life, no matter how miniscule. Tell yourself every morning when you wake that you want something new to happen that day. “When you set an intention, when you commit, the entire universe conspires to make it happen” – Sandy Forster


Begin to Dream Again


Slowly you will remember your past dreams, and new aspirations will surface. Begin to follow them, even if it is just for a few minutes a day. Explore. Delve into everything that interests you. Something WILL come into focus. One day you will catch a passionate fever for something wonderful, something that makes you feel alive. When you focus on the dream the dream will begin to focus on you. Before you realize it the fever will grow and take over and you will find time you didn’t know you had. The dream will begin to take shape and grow into a delightful, inspired place of contentment and happiness that permeates everything else in your life.  You will see how the stagnation recedes into the abyss away from you, and you will marvel at the difference in your life.


Congratulate yourself for a magnificent job well done on your progress as a being in this world full of possibility, whatever the circumstances are that come upon us. We ARE all creators. We can choose to stay in stagnation or we can grasp at the edges of the dark holes we are in and drag ourselves out into the light that some would say is our birthright just for coming into existence. Stagnation is only a temporary state, and it is one that we can do much to change. We can choose a much better quality of being simply by starting small and next thing we know we will be living the dream in one way or another.



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