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***Spoiler Alert!!!***

Tomorrowland the movie 2015 – Main point spoiler and some teensy weensy affiliate links


Feeding the Wrong Wolf


In a fast world of laziness and doomsday predictions abounding, it is easy to give up and resign ourselves to an “inevitable” outcome of chaotic global destruction. We maybe even romanticize the end with poetic stories in books, movies, and video games (as the character David Hicks points out in the movie, Tomorrowland). We imagine this apocalypse happens at an undetermined time in the future, with a false feeling of all-is-okay in this moment. We simply don’t really want to make efforts to change this bleak vision of our demise.

It is too easy to not do something. It is too hard to come up with ideas for positive change and act on them.

In Tomorrowland is an amazing concept of positive visualization revisited. The heroine, Casey Newton, operates constantly with the optimistic moral of an example her father has always told her: if two wolves are fighting – one is darkness and despair, the other is light and hope, which one will win? And the answer is, of course, whichever one you feed.

This pretty much sums up the point of this movie and is the idea that inspired me to write it here.

Our world manifests the ideas and actions that go into it. The future is what we create. However, we have to get off our rear ends and do something about it if we want a better tomorrow. If we sit around waiting for the end of the world because it is easier to do that than to try to fix things, then the end of the world is what we will get.


Tomorrow is What We Make It


Your life may already include an intention to make the world a better place, maybe with a career aimed at some kind of positive change, or maybe you have a habit in your life to encourage and inspire others. You may be overwhelmed with the details of daily living, but give yourself some credit for what you do actually do, get through your challenging times, and then put your head towards more change. People can dream big in their daily lives too.


We can have ideas for change if we ALL start to put our heads to the problems at hand –


     – Social isolation and reaching out with kindness to EVERYONE around you (Don’t be scared and make the extra effort – it will enrich any personally challenged life you may be living)

     – Lack of education for so many and creating communities that include everyone, getting them to put their ideas into common box of potential

     – Global warming and what to do about it

     – Arms dealing and new ideas for workable peace treaties

     – Scarcity of Energy sources and international cooperation on solar-powering the world

     – Petrol run cars and exploration of alternative automobile fuel designs

     – Lack of national resources and more sharing of creativity, ideas, or resources across borders

     – Many, many more challenges and potential solutions


If we stop “feeding the wrong wolf” by entertaining the idea that the world is doomed, we can make more room for beautiful dreams. Tomorrow is what we make it.

If we all put in just a little effort to think and begin to dream of a better future, then that effort will take on momentum. It will begin to self-generate motivation and inspiration all around the world, feeding the light wolf of hope.


Dreamers of the World Don’t Give Up


If you have fallen prey to the negative predictions of our future and are doing nothing to change our future, then likely you have forgotten to dream, or have given up. Our future can be changed for the better by people like you deciding to dream that into existence. Dreamers think about the problems in the world and spend time contributing to solutions. What can you do to help change the global picture?


Follow your ideas out into the world, into community or global activities, until you find something you can be passionate about. Then put yourself into it with all your heart (for even just a little bit regularly). Testify to it everywhere you go. It will become infectious in the best way. More people will follow your example sooner or later.


I really recommend this fun, little romp of a movie with HUGE message for all of us. If we could stop creating and acting as if the end of the world is coming, and start the larger task of dreaming/doing, then we can save the world. If we replace the void of negativity with the belief that we can make something better out of this world, then we have a good chance of making that happen. I think inside each of us is a dreamer wanting to get out and stretch its wings. We are all dreamers that don’t want to give up on a beautiful future. We just need to fill our minds with a positive belief and feed that better vision of tomorrow.





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