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Game of Thrones, S5, E9 –  if you don’t want to know – don’t read!
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 Our Dragon Dreams


I am guessing other women feel the same way I do regarding our often times buried confidence and strength – I SOOOOO much want to be the Mother of Dragons. (Laughing). I am not ashamed to admit I have watched the scene where the dragon, named Drogon, rescues Daenerys (Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9), at least 50 times now since I first saw it.


Daenerys has teed off the Masters by abolishing slavery. In the scene, masked Sons of the Harpy (mercenaries of the Masters) have come to assassinate her at the fighting games. The arrows and spears are flying about while people scream. Daenerys and her people are surrounded, facing impossible odds. Daenerys tests her mental connection with her children for the first time, closing her eyes as if in prayer.

Out of the blue, from flying wild about the Queendom, the long absent Drogon flies in from the skies, shocking all who are in the arena with his dramatic arrival. He lands in a fiery rage to protect his mother, shredding and burning all who have been attacking her. He is hit with spears, and feeling his pain, Daenerys calls out to him. Pulling a spear from him, she stands strong before him while he screams pain and anger at her, fearless in her maternal love.

Then the shock wears off the stadium and the arrows begin to fly again. Daenerys takes a sharp little inhale to brace herself for the scary and urgent need to escape unconventionally – all those still present, jaws dropped open, watch as Daenerys climbs up on Drogon, for the first time, to let him fly them both away to safety.


What Daenerys Has (that we wish we had)


I have re-watched all the Daenerys segments. I am fascinated with the positive power of her story. My heart SWELLS when I see her personal strength, and the love that develops between her and her sometimes dangerously errant “children,” her three dragons.


She is confident. She experiences a healthy dose of fear, but gathers her courage to do what she has to do. She believes in herself and listens to her inner voice. She listens to the counsel of trusted advisors and makes challenging decisions that appear to be for morally correct purposes (most of the time).


She cares for her dragons like a mother does for her children. Like dragons, our children sometimes can be terrifying (chuckling), needing discipline as they grow. Men are drawn to her confidence and personal power (though other men are angered by it for foiling their own selfish desires).


She commands a loyal following, simply by being just in everything she does, and having a clear vision of her mission on earth. She lets go of ideas that don’t work and sometimes sacrifices her personal desires for a balance that aims her towards victory.


Daenerys takes her really crappy beginnings as a young woman and makes them look like she just stubbed her toe. She holds herself proudly, receiving her inspiration from Heaven. She sallies forth with perfect confidence that she will attain all that she has set her mind on. Namely, this involves taking her dragons, all her loyal followers, and a fleet of ships (that she just knows will fall into her lap), to the central Kingdom of Westeros to become the Queen of Fucking Everything. (Laughing).



The Power Women Should Reach For

So I glance at my rusty little life at the bottom of the world, often, and I sometimes I think, “What the hell happened to me?” I want to be a queen of my own life again! And, slowly after the maddening process that occurred here in Australia (for the readers – please see other hidden posts in this blog site if you are so motivated, and it doesn’t matter that much as we all have maddening processes, laughing again), I have been returning to a place of dreaming. I have been gradually drawing up the plans for change in my own life, and thinking about how so many women need to welcome the dragons into their own lives and be spurred on to their own versions of becoming queens.


There are women who take up the challenges and power of having dragons in their lives. Possibly this means the challenge of raising children into amazing beings. Or maybe this is learning from and navigating around demanding bosses, to maybe becoming the boss. Perhaps they find ways to remind husbands to continue discovering them as partners. Conceivably they follow creative ideas and don’t stop until they have blossomed into success. Possibly this means surviving an assault on some level(s) of our lives, physical, mental, emotional, and not only surviving it, but pushing past it into becoming something much better.


What these women have in common is, they believe they are on a mission from Heaven in their own lives. At least, they believe in the mission of a successful future that they are determined to create. They believe that facing the danger is part of the power that they have.


However, many of us stopped believing in our own mandates from Heaven to become queen of our own lives. Many of us live in fear of the challenges life piles on us as mothers and women. Or at least we get distracted by life’s difficulties and forget that we are all queens.


Once we connect with that seed of potential power that is inside us all, we can hold our heads regally. We can tame our dragons while appreciating their wild nature to carry us higher. We can raise ourselves into our own queendoms and live like the royalty that we are despite the weight of life’s distractions.


It takes effort and time to consciously change our reality. However, we can begin by determining that we are NOT our misery or malaise. We can choose to see that we ARE beautiful in our existence. We must BELIEVE we are magnificent for the dreams we dare to imagine and that we are amazing for any effort we make towards those dreams.



We can remember that we are NOT what other people decide we are. We CAN decide how we want to live and love and hope and CREATE every potential that we can conceive of. Make a plan, write it down, and make it happen. Ask, Knock, and Kick the freaking door down – then watch what magic we can receive inside ourselves.



So again, I’m thinking – Okay, Imma grab a spike on the neck of my scaly dragon, throw a leg over, and whisper, “Fly!” as my dragon child stretches his strong wings, taking us to the sky out of the mire…


Video link to “Drogon Rescues Daenerys” posted by Kristina R

(If you do not want to see graphic violence, please do not watch this clip!)


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