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To Every Thing There is a Season


No matter what anyone thinks in the moment, somehow things do always work out. It may not be the way we think it should be or the way that we want it to be right away. However, overall, things get sorted out as we go along. Once a person can step back and have a look at the larger picture, this important concept can be seen more clearly. From there, a new perception or better way of looking at everything can be practiced. From there, life can begin to improve, not only because things will work out somehow, but also because we won’t be carrying as much stress and negativity.


No one really wants the stressful overload, but it comes invariably. How we choose to deal with it can severely affect our lives in the negative. It can also lighten our lives in the positive for a much better experience. Life, with all it’s set backs, can actually be a delightful experience if we allow it to be. Many people are not experiencing very happy times, but there truly is a time for everything. As is said in the beautiful passage in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” (KJV)


Somehow all these things get laid out in a beautiful tapestry that doesn’t make sense unless you practice flying up into the air to have a look down at the whole picture. Now, an example from my life might be the fact that my daughter goes to school far away from our home on her time with me. My used car, that I owe lots of money on, had a critical break down. It is literally going to cost a fortune more than it is worth to fix. However, I see no options in this moment other than to proceed with getting it fixed.


A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven


At first, I felt overwhelmed with this on top of the many other difficulties in life. However, as often happens, people began making suggestions, and I began using my own head. Now I have different solutions running around in my noggin. A very good couple happens to have a car to loan me for four weeks, and who knows what connections or little things may arise out of this seemingly terrible aspect of current life?


Maybe there is a mechanic, or someone else out there, whose life might be changed by something I say. Maybe I might be in for the fortifying challenge of taking three trains to get Daughter to school in the mornings, waiting nearby all day to pick her up (laughing and hoping not). Maybe I will have to see what life is like without a car. Some person I meet, because of that, may do or say something that alters the course of my own thinking forever. Maybe it will be the best thing that ever happened to me. I have no clue, not really. It is a conundrum to embrace (chuckling, tongue in cheek).


Using Your Right to Remain Peaceful


If we could just remember all the times that things did ultimately work out to some kind of happiness or acceptable situation, then we would be on our way to a natural positivity as a first reaction to life. This feels much better than depressing hopelessness.


For anyone beset by a difficult challenge, I recommend:

-Don’t panic (if possible, lol)

-Remember that usually the moment things are happening isn’t the time when you will see all solutions

-Usually there isn’t a rush in THAT moment to sort it out

-Remember the OTHER good things that are happening in THAT moment

-With God or without God in your heart, life has a way of flowing – take a breath and remember this, for a time later this will be resolved and you will already be practicing your positivity on a new challenge

-Literally stop and tell yourself any of these steps when facing each challenge, invite the learning, and trust that you will get much more out of the situation than you can see

-Take a break, relax, go do something you like to do, and keep coming back to solution seeking

-Relax, pray, breathe, trust in that flow of life, and try looking for the adventure that comes as a result of your challenge


I have my moments, falling into the pit of despair, but I have a lot more moments, now, of practicing the belief that somehow things will work out as they should. I believe that consciously practicing positivity will lead to natural positivity. Somehow things will work out for the best.


In the meantime, friends have let me borrow a car and people are dropping small loans into my hands to get it running again. It is not enough, YET, but the love of these people and the opportunity that each of us has here to practice stretching ourselves is amazing. There is hope!


I just found this fantastic blog on Positivity by Henrik Edberg:



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